Dear Born Again Paganites;

Google has, in all its wisdom, barred Born Again Pagan from its Adwords program, deeming it a "hate site". Seriously.

Born Again Pagan is now in its 14th year and it will not go away just because of this one minor setback. However, the site requires considerable amounts of curation and, therefore, could use some support so I'm reaching out to those who favor such sites as this to dig deep and donate towards its upkeep in either small lumpish sums or in continuing, monthly stipends. (A girl can dream, can't she?)

Rather than go the Patreon route, which I've discovered extracts for itself an unseemly fraction from all donations, I've opted instead for good old Paypal to do the heavy lifting. Just click the little button below to join the fun. A buck a month is all I ask.

Even if the site garners no donations it will continue to be updated, but if certain levels of contributions are attained (Hail, Satan!) I vow to effect the sort of rebuild that would make BAP easier to navigate and be much more responsive to mobile devices. If you have any questions that don't involve math please direct them to

And thanks!

Note: Many thanks to the sick, twisted, tormented individuals who have recently become part of the Born Again family. You shall receive your reward in... Oh, never mind.

“Rather than say he's an atheist, a friend of mine says, 'I'm a tooth fairy agnostic,' meaning he can't disprove God but thinks God is about as likely as the tooth fairy.”

-- Richard Dawkins
You're not born religious, you're born into religious custom. There is no gene which specifies whether you'll be christian, muslim, hindu, or jew, though there is a structural defect in your brain which predispositions you to accept such absurd notions as an all-powerful, omniscient, cosmic muppet which watches everything you do.

It's difficult to break free of religious indoctrination on your own but the first step is called “information”, and here at Born Again Pagan you'll find plenty of alternative ideas to consider and share. Not only will you find good arguments against papal bull but you might also be entertained along the way, and ain't nothin' wrong with that.

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