A Scandalous Collection of Blasphemous Videos
22. Spitting Image: Our God Is Bigger Than Your God.
21. Debating faith.
20. Comedian Billy Connolly discusses religion.
19. Hail Vectron!
18. The Atheist Tabernacle Choir
17. God and the Babel Fish, from The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
16. Fuck the Pope - An animation by Tim "You really need to go to youtube and watch this guy's stuff" Minchin
15. Robin Ince - The Magic Man Theory of Intelligent Design - A Short History of Creationist Thought
14. Our planet is run by monkeys. (Requires Flash)
13. Alan Watts on the subject of appling.
12. Stephen Fry wishes you a very Merry Mithras!
11. Al Franken Presents - The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus
10. The Best of West Wing - President Josiah Bartlet trolls a religious hypocrite.
9. Ten Commandments High School
8. Oy Vey! - Jewish lad comes out of the atheist closet.
7. The Actor's Studio - Ricky Gervais on atheism.
6. George Carlin in 'Touched By An Atheist'
5. And Boy Are My Arms Tired - A Modern Day Christian Helps Jesus Get Started.
4. Craig Ferguson - Shpritzing On Religion.
3. Homer Evolution - The Simpsons
2. Braim Damage - Why Do People Laugh At Creationists?
1. The Magic Baby - Thank you Family Guy