A Glorious Assortment of Sacrilegious Texts
28. Life After Jesus
27. God's Greatest Mistakes
26. Bill Hicks On the Freedom of Speech
25. If there really IS a god...
24. Seven Bad Reasons Why Americans Hate Atheists.
23. I Do Not Thank God.
22. Why I Am, Or Am Not, An Atheist.
21. You Want A Physicist To speak At Your Funeral.
20. You Know You're A Fundamentalist If...
19. Biblical Contradictions
18. I Rejected Christ... Because I'm a Father.
17. How A 2-year-old Got Excommunicated From the Mormon Church
16. Ten Atheist Myths
15. The War On Saturnalia
14. 50 Reasons that Jesus is a jerk.
13. Homeless Atheist Leaves Behind Surprise: $4 Million!
12. Christmas Of The Damned - How to Decorate For The Holidays And Not Go To Hell
11. The Male Nipple - Useless Body Parts: What Do We Need Sinuses For, Anyway?
10. Redneck Religion - You Know You're A Fundamentalist If...
9. It's Not Magic - Penn Jillete on Atheism.
8. Undue Credit - Bullshit, Jesus! Those Are Obviously My Footprints!
7. A Non-Prophet List - 50+ Atheist Quotes
6. Mental Disorder - Religion: A Figment of Human Imagination
5. A Child's Senseless Death - The Night I Lost My Faith
4. The Real World - What It Feels Like to be an Atheist
3. The Enlightenment - Thanks, creationists, for showing me how ignorant I was.
2. Sarcastic Science - 50 Reasons I reject Evolution
1. Creationism Sucks - 10 facts of Darwinian evolution young-earth creationists don’t want to understand.