A Glorious Assortment of Sacrilegious Texts
31. How I Lost My Faith
30. What If Dr. Seuss Had Written the Bible
29. No Deathbed Conversion For Me
28. Life After Jesus
27. God's Greatest Mistakes
26. Bill Hicks On the Freedom of Speech
25. If there really IS a god...
24. Seven Bad Reasons Why Americans Hate Atheists.
23. I Do Not Thank God.
22. Why I Am, Or Am Not, An Atheist.
21. You Want A Physicist To speak At Your Funeral.
20. You Know You're A Fundamentalist If...
19. Biblical Contradictions
18. I Rejected Christ... Because I'm a Father.
17. How A 2-year-old Got Excommunicated From the Mormon Church
16. Ten Atheist Myths
15. The War On Saturnalia
14. 50 Reasons that Jesus is a jerk.
13. Homeless Atheist Leaves Behind Surprise: $4 Million!
12. Christmas Of The Damned - How to Decorate For The Holidays And Not Go To Hell
11. The Male Nipple - Useless Body Parts: What Do We Need Sinuses For, Anyway?
10. Redneck Religion - You Know You're A Fundamentalist If...
9. It's Not Magic - Penn Jillete on Atheism.
8. Undue Credit - Bullshit, Jesus! Those Are Obviously My Footprints!
7. A Non-Prophet List - 50+ Atheist Quotes
6. Mental Disorder - Religion: A Figment of Human Imagination
5. A Child's Senseless Death - The Night I Lost My Faith
4. The Real World - What It Feels Like to be an Atheist
3. The Enlightenment - Thanks, creationists, for showing me how ignorant I was.
2. Sarcastic Science - 50 Reasons I reject Evolution
1. Creationism Sucks - 10 facts of Darwinian evolution young-earth creationists don’t want to understand.