Index Of Miscellaneous Blasphemies
78. The Quotes of Carl Sagan
77. The Quotes of Richard Dawkins
76. The Seven Basic Needs of A Christian Wife
75. I am star stuff, the face of god, god's bookmarks, nothing without god, slavery rates, the real Leviticus, god made the Earth, real values. New!
74. Skeptical Quotations: Applegate, Asimov, Hitchens, Adams, Sagan.
73. The Quotes of Stephen Colbert
72. Indoctrinate versus innoculate, my favorite Jesus, you want proof?, Christian logic, the Christian universe.
71. You are never alone, are you there god, Titanic versus the Ark, can I get a witness, religious scaphism.
70. One little lie, reality is complicated, the irony nickel, an egg is not a person, he boiled for your sins.
69. Polytheism, Jesus isn't that cool, I want my freedom, modern evolution, the Hubble Ultra Deep Field View.
68. Narcissist world, our common ancestors, it is risen, heads and tales, monkey traditions.
67. Asimov on religion, dogs speak English, being an atheist is like..., religion doesn't allow answers, religion is sociopathic.

66. Rowan Atkinson on religion.
65. Jesus gets nailed on the cross. (NSFW)
64. Neil DeGrasse Tyson fights for science.
63. Yes, Ronald Reagan said it.
62. His Noodly Goodness is in all of us.
61. That's why we're atheists.
60. The Atheist Date, a poem.
59. Why Jesus died.
58. Madaln Murray O'Hair talks smack about religious persecution.
57. General anti-religious snarkery.
56. Care for the Earth, not your beliefs.
55. If god existed...
54. How to stop your child from becoming an atheist.
53. Science versus Religion? No contest!
52. Was Darwin wrong? National Geographic says "No!"
51. "Scientific Advancement" or "Thanks a lot, Jesus!"
50. I am not a sheep... and neither are you.
49. 'Off' is not a TV channel
48. Lie to me about god.
47. Hitchens talks about Chimp Gods.
46. Which religion is best suited for you?
45. The Accumulated Wisdom of Philosoraptor.
44. God answers little paralyzed boys' prayers.
43. The definition of evolution (Hint: It's not 'random')
42. Dumbo's Magic Feather
41. Holy roller, unrolled.
40. What's it like to be an atheist?
39. Religion is like history, except without the facts.
38. "Now get the fuck back in the kitchen!"
37. Masturbation.It's god's fault.
36. God made something from nothing? Really? Do go on.
35. Marcus Aurelius. Doing that atheist thing old-style!
34. The Best of "Fuck off, Jesus!"
33. If you think about it, God is a big pushover
32. Dr. House on Reason vs. Religion
31. Zeus is pissed at you, Atheist Boy!
30. Stop using Jesus as an excuse
29. Unlock your mind from the anchor of religion
28. Jesus is a Jewish cosmic zombie
27. Flowcharting god's mythical power.
26. Disco Jesus - Just for the hell of it
25. The UK's money is AWESOME!
24. Evolution is Love
23. Blind-Folded Fear - Thomas Jefferson
22. Science Vs. Faith flowchart
21. Spank me, Jesus
20. The Ussher Chronology: One of the first English translations of the Bible. Notice any differences?
19. A good argument for sin.
18. A simple list of gods that Christians don't believe in.
17. Who killed more people in the Bible? God or Satan?
16. Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. - Buddha
15. If all the atheists left the USA...
14. Proof that were are really fish.
13. Science has produced genuine, repeatable miracles.
12. Religious Indoctrination.
11. Creationism: Because it's a lot easier to read one book than a bunch of hard ones.
10. Jesus: Pre-existing condition? LOL!
9. Venn diagram: Jesus is a zombie, vampire and Frankenstein combined.
8. Every time you do drugs, Jesus does some, too.
7. Atheism: Good enough for these idiots.
6. Jesus: Tell them about the time I fought the dragon.
5. Praying to Mecca isn't as easy as you think.
4. Very gradual change we can believe in.
3. God gives man logic.
2. Holy Bible rape laws made easy.
1. The Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense