A Registry of Godless Websites

21. Celebrity Atheist List
20. Hypocrisy Watch - One man doing his best to track clergy sexual abuse.
19., your guide to the gods!
18., home of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster -
17. Baptized In Bullshit - Providing a comprehensive guide to christian fundamentalism.
16. Sandwalk - Strolling with a skeptical biochemist
15. Godless Girl - Theism, Faith, Culture & Theology
14. Pat Condell's Godless Comedy - OM imaginary G! You have to hear this guy!
13. Richard Wade, the Friendly Atheist
12. 177 Ways to Get Yorrself Saved - And counting.
11. Atheist, the band - Let's give them a big hand!
10. Atheist Bible Companion - A VERY comprehensive guide to Christian Bible contradictions.
9. - Church of the Flying spaghetti Monster
8. - You have to ask?
7. - The King James Version of the Bible presented from a skeptic's point of view.
6. - The official site of the American Atheists, an organization that defends the civil rights of Atheists.
5. - A blog on atheism, science, philosophy, current events and the hypocrisy of the religious right.
4. /r/atheism - Join those jolly blasphemous rascals at
3. Pharyngula - Biologist P.Z. Myers one-man fight against rampant religious lunacy.
2. - Fighting Against Immorality  in Religion
1. - The Bible: Fiction Based on Fiction