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Thanks, Creationists!
by shebangdotat

About a year ago or so I discovered creationisn. At first I was stunned. How could anyone honestly believe that? I became curious and I started researching. I watched hundreds of YouTube videos, I read Dawkins, downloaded talks by Sam Harris, followed discussions on various sites, subscribed to the
atheism reddit.

Today it all came together. It just made click.

And therefore a big thank you to you.


You introduced me to Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Cristopher Hitchens and other intelligent and - dare I say - wise authors.

You renewed my interest in science.

You showed me how ridiculous and even dangerous religion is, and I have learned a lot about how bad fundamentalist religion can get.

Because of you I now see how wonderful evolution is.

Because of you I have learned so much about reasoning and debating.

I wouldn't have read Dawkins, were it not for you. I wouldn't have Einstein and Hawkins on my reading list, had you not renewed my childhood fascition for science. I wouldn't have found all those wonderful videos about evolution, biology or astrophysics that have expanded my common knowledge.

I wouldn't know what Occam's Razor was and how awful the bible or the quran really is. Because of you I found the evidence and the reasons I needed to fully convince me.

You have killed every last trace of suspicion in me, you have freed my mind completely from any trace of superstition. I now know that there is nothing supernatural. I mean, I really know. Not only rationally, but I now understand it. You have freed my mind from any last trace of catholicism.

You made a firm atheist out of me.

And therefore I thank you.

I would have been too lazy to learn without you..