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Considering God

which god did you mean?If there is a God, what's the point in living? He torments you with disease, injury, psychological abuse, and discrimination, despite having the power to make it all go away. He demands constant worship and an excrutiatingly close reading of a book far less interesting than Moby Dick, Harry Potter, or even One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. He makes drugs and forbids us from taking them, despite how uninspired this bland planet is for someone with infinite knowledge.

Solid liquid and gas? Really? That's IT!? And only five flavors? FIVE!? Plus a spectrum of light that is primarily invisible, and ears with a pathetic hearing range. Just think of the symphonies that could be enjoyed if we only had a majestic God! But, no, we get a God who makes a universe composed mostly of empty space, and a planet, allegedly made for terrestrial creatures, that's mostly water.


To top it all off, he makes it so that we need to get a shitty job just so we can maintain this shitty existence. And what's my reward, spending eternity with people who actually think this is a good idea? If that's heaven, then Satan, whet your pitchfork, my ass is itchy. Let's get this eternal damnation started already.


If this is all just a cosmic accident, then isn't it pretty neat? Pain is inevitable, but it's not so bad with all that laughter, happiness, and occasional interesting news article mixed in. We are free to make whatever purpose in life we choose, whether it be reaching internet fame, or walking on mars.

We have become beings of depth and culture, of sensuality and psychology. There is a vast legacy of art for us to explore and invent. We can experience this universe in five completely unique ways, and can use our ingenuity to expand this experience where our natural senses fail.

Even though this all arose out of chaos we have proven tenacious enough to carve out a niche for ourselves in this harsh, but bearable plane. We work and build off of each other and accomplish great awe-inspiring things that cannot be accomplished in solitude. We see the fruits of our labor actualized in our secular works. What's more, we don't have time to get bored. This curiosity called "life" is a relatively brief phenomenon; let's enjoy it while we can!

by - Macromidget